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The Purpose of a Sweatshirt

You may already know that I love to do cardio and my favorite format is Turbo Kick. I am extremely motivated in a room full of fellow, high energy, Turbo lovers with the music blasting. It’s my favorite way to start the day and I get to a class whenever I can! On Saturday morning I hopped in my car and sang my way to the gym, anticipating the happy, sweaty mess I would be in an hour or so.

There are two scenarios that can put a wrench in my “perfect” cardio plan. The first is forgetting my water bottle. Although this is pretty inconvenient, it’s not a total spoiler as there are water fountains at the gym.  I’ve forgotten water a couple of times. The good news is that I remembered my water on Saturday.  In fact, I had two bottles with me. Yes, I was quite the example that morning.

The second scenario is forgetting my gym towel. This did happen on Saturday, and trust me, it will never happen again. Leaving your towel at home is absolutely the worst thing to do when you’re planning on having a sweat fest. And when I say sweat fest, I don’t mean a little dewy glow. I mean full on, totally drenched, drops flying, puddle underneath me, sweat shower. I apologize if this is too much information, but I don’t go to the gym to look cute. If you’re going to do anything at all, do it big! I move big, I sweat big. When I realized my most important  asset was missing, my heart sank. Shoot! I was already there. I had “my spot”. Now what?

Many things whirled through my head at this point. I know from wearing my UP band that an hour of Turbo is 7,000-8,000 steps for me, depending on my energy level and the pace of the class. This means about 3.5 – 4 miles of kicking, punching, lunging, squatting and jumping in my 3 x 3 square foot space in the group exercise room. At what mile marker does the sweat start pouring? And what do I do when it does?

Lucky for me it was a cool, misty August morning and I wore a light sweatshirt to the gym. Certainly it could work as a substitute towel, right? I thought I was saved and took a breath of relief as the music began. Turbo time!

As the warmup started I was still thinking about my sweatshirt. I’m not really sure why little cotton jackets with hoods and zippers are called sweatshirts in the first place. I certainly don’t wear one to sweat in, and if I do sweat with one on, I take it off. I later learned with my initial mopping of the brow that the sweatshirt I chose did a terrible job of absorbing sweat. And later, when I got a zipper in the eye, I decided maybe dripping dry was worth considering.

I feel bad about the drips I left on the gym floor as I raced to the car after class. I’m always very good about cleaning up after myself. Well, I guess I can’t say that anymore, but, hello, this was truly an emergency! There was a box of tissues in my glove compartment and I needed them right away.  Granted they were a messy way to dry off, with little bits breaking off and sticking to me, but they made a better towel than my sweatshirt did.

I learned a few things on Saturday morning. First, I think I sweat more when I’m worried about how much I’m going to sweat. Second, I need to leave extra towels in my gym bag, or the car, or both. And third, little cotton summer weight sweatshirts make terrible towels. They are designed for wearing and to make you feel cozy.

Hopefully this whole thing is a one-time experience. Hopefully it was something you could relate to, or made you chuckle or maybe even grossed you out a little. (Hey, I’ll take anything!)