The Arsenal

I know an amazing woman who has inspired me for many years. Her life isn’t perfect, in fact it’s been quite the opposite countless times. From her appearance and attitude you would never know the heartache, difficulties and challenges she’s faced through both family and work. Somehow, though, she emerges poised, confident, radiant and always with a smile despite everything she’s gone through.

One day we were talking and she shared that the biggest asset in her arsenal is her Wonder Woman Bra. When she puts it on, she feels confident, courageous and can tackle whatever it is she faces that day. I assumed she was speaking figuratively, (no pun intended). “Yes, I have a tough day ahead so I better put on my Wonder Woman bra!” Sort of like putting on your big girl panties. No, this wasn’t the case!  The Wonder Woman Bra is a real article of clothing!

Wonder Woman Bra

She stumbled upon it when she felt her lowest. Buying it made her feel happy and wearing it lifted her spirits in a way she couldn’t describe. It might not give her superhuman powers that we can see, but it gives her amazing powers of confidence and empowerment that she can feel.

Sometimes we need a little extra support to get us through the day. What a wonderful idea to surround ourselves with the positive! Arming ourselves with an arsenal of tangible objects that mean something to us and give us positive vibes can make a huge difference in our day’s outcome.

My friend believes in the power of the Wonder Woman bra so much that she bought 3 more and gave them to her closest friends. Now that’s a circle of support like no other!

I’m inspired!

So what’s in your arsenal?


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