My Happy Place

Everyone has a ‘happy place’. It might be the mall, the beach, the Starbucks on the corner, or a favorite restaurant, but mine is our garage! I transformed this space into a gym, but it’s not JUST a gym, it’s my Contempo Rockin’ Disco Gym.

Isn’t a Gym a Gym?

The answer is no. I love to work out. It’s my passion! But every gym isn’t my happy place. Every gym is just a place. My Contempo Rockin’ Disco Gym is a place too, but it’s also a state of mind.

My Contempo Rockin’ Disco Gym brings me a sense of peace, joy, exhilaration and euphoria that really can’t be explained or adequately described. It makes me feel strong, confident and invincible, even at 5 a.m. after I’ve just crawled out of bed. It does not judge, criticize or intimidate but leaves me feeling powerful, serene and tranquil all at the same time. How does it do that?

My happy place has been years in the making and has three main parts.

First, it’s the actual space.

Contempo Rockin' Disco Gym

Floor Space It’s not fancy. It’s a garage. But it feels happy and it fits its name. The walls are light blue with accents of red. The blue is calming and the red makes me feel bold and fierce. I’ve found you can be all of these at the same time IF you’re in your happy place.

ClockMy favorite decor is the red clock from IKEA. This one piece put the ‘Contempo’ part in the name. I think it’s cute and it makes me happy. Enough said.

My happy place is ‘Rockin’ because of the fun music which blairs from my iPod. I love 70’s, 80’s, all the way up to current tunes and even remixes. Pretty much anything that’s fast and motivating.

My happy place is ‘Disco’ because of the lights and disco ball.

And of course, the equipment makes it a ‘Gym’.

Second, it’s my continual love and desire to improve my workouts and myself as a knowledgeable trainer. This is where I create, and most importantly put into action, all the things I learn about new trends and exercises. How does it feel? How can I modify? How can I make it just a little bit tougher. It’s all in the way my tired and sweaty body feels when the workout is over, and I think, ‘Yeah, that felt good!”.

Third, and most importantly, it’s the people who I train in my happy place that make it even happier: the one on one time, the laughs and the groans, the ‘I can’t do that’ to the ‘Yes, I did that!’, the joy I feel when someone pushes out one extra rep than the time before, and the confidence they gain with each visit. There is no disappointment or failure in the Contempo Rockin’ Disco Gym. There is only comradery, growth and empowerment.

It’s true that my surroundings first initiated my happy place feeling, but what goes on in my mind and the way it makes me feel while I’m there is really what makes it special for me.  The mind is a powerful thing, and calling on the visual of my Contempo Rockin’ Disco Gym can transport me to my happy place whenever I need to go there!

Thanks for letting me share my happy place with you!

I would also like to thank to my husband, Wayne, who gave up his man space and allowed me to create something that is mine. And many thanks to everyone who visits me there. You make my life full of purpose. My happy place has many guests!

Have a wonderful day, everyone! And go visit YOUR happy place!


4 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. Judy Skelly

    I love your Contempo Rockin Gym and you could not have described it or the feeling I get from being there any better! Love your Blogs.

  2. Wayne Pinnell

    Fun!!! With a 3-car garage, I guess I never saw the day we would go from 2 to 1 to 0 cars in the garage!! So happy this space makes you happy!! Someday, i will find a new spot for a “man cave” in the house.


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